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Exciting News About Gabriel International From the Directors -

Dieter and Claudia Walter

Since 2009, Gabriel International has been conducting pro-life seminars in Nepal, India, Africa and Latin America. Gabriel International's pro-life videos and print materials have been the foundational tools of the seminars.

Since its beginning, over 15,000 people have attended these seminars on three continents: Asia, Africa and Latin America. The videos "Wonderfully and Uniquely Created" and "Therefore Choose Life" are available in English, Hindi, Nepali, and Spanish. Another video "Created to Choose Life" is available in Spanish. It is also produced in acculturated English language versions for Africa and South Asia.

Gabriel International was not a registered not-for-profit organization (known overseas as a charity). The Walters directed the ministry and worked in concert with partners in other countries. However because of the exponential growth of the ministry the Walters decided the ministry was too large and too important to manage on their own.

Therefore, Dieter and Claudia formed a Board. This Board registered a new organization with the proper government entities in the United States. Within three months of forming the Board and filing the papers, a new organization was birthed: Proclaim Life Global (PLG). PLG will continue using the same high quality videos and print materials and continue to serve pro-life Christian leaders on three continents.

The Walters are grateful to all of you who have provided prayer, financial and program support over the years. Without the Lord and you none of this would have been possible. We anticipate the same blessings for Proclaim Life Global. We deeply desire your ongoing partnership.

Kindly, visit www.proclaimlifeglobal.org to see more information. Just as the pro-life ministry is growing, so is the PLG website. New pages will be added in subsequent months.

* Nota para nuestros visitantes que hablan Español: Gabriel Internacional se ha convertido en una nueva organización llamada Proclamando Vida Globalmente. En la actualidad no existe una versión en Español de la nueva página web Proclamando Vida Globalmente. Por lo tanto, por favor, seguir utilizando el icono ubicado arriba que dice Español.